Life Balance Alan Weiss How to Convert Professional Success into Personal Happiness

A popular aphorism suggests that in the end, no one ever regretted not spending more time in the office. Yet during our lives and careers we often seem to confuse our priorities, shifting our focus so that we end up with clients whom we know extremely well and families who are de facto strangers. In this book, widely renowned consultant Alan Weiss— cited as "a worldwide expert in executive education" in Success Magazine— tells how to blend life, work, and relationships in a way that will help anyone to work smarter and live better.
Weiss draws on scores of interviews and vignettes with highly successful consultants to offer nontheoretical, pragmatic advice on living a balanced life, including how to
  • Work smart and not hard
  • Have time to fulfill your passions
  • Build on success, not on correcting weakness
  • Give yourself short and long term personal rewards
  • Take risks and reinvent yourself (again and again)
  • Play to win— but ignore the score and reward the effort
  • Influence others while surrendering the need to control
  • Visualize the future
In addition, the author includes an appendix of 150 specific techniques for achieving balance and enjoying success. For solo professionals, entrepreneurs, and innovators, as well as people hard at work in a corporate or nonprofit setting, Life Balance shows how to stop putting happiness on hold and attain personal fulfillment now.

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