Jim And Casper Go To Church George Barna Frank Conversation about Faith, Churches, and Well-Meaning Christians

" Is this what Jesus told you guys to do?"

Light shows, fog machines, worship bands, offering plates--is this what Jesus intended? Atheist Matt Casper wants to know.

Longtime Christian Jim Henderson realized he'd been immersed in church culture for so long that he had no idea how a nonbeliever might interpret a usual Sunday service . . . or what might inspire him or her to come back.

So he decided to ask! Jim invited an atheist--Matt Casper--to visit twelve leading churches with him and give the "first impression" perspective of a skeptic. Week after week, this spiritual odd couple attended services at churches all over the country and documented their experiences and reactions. Along the way, they found the real value of their journey in the open and authentic friendship that developed as they talked, questioned, joked, and--most important--listened.

Follow along with Jim and Casper on their visits, and eavesdrop as they discuss what they found. Their articulate, sometimes humorous, and always insightful dialogue offers Christians a new view of an environment where we've become overly comfortable: the church.
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