Managing Information Systems in IS James D. McKeen ; Heather A. Smith Successful Strategies and Appropriate Action

The world of IS presents many challenges to managers. They operate in environments that are continually changing; they face situations that no one has ever faced before; they have to combine effective organizational and technical management techniques; and they have significant responsibilities to the organization. But IS is not as special as many managers think it is. There is much to learn from other disciplines and more experienced business managers. It is only by looking at the management aspects of IS — as opposed to the technical aspects — that these become clear. Management Challenges in IS presents new ways of approaching, and dealing with, the common problems and opportunities facing today’s IS manager. The book is designed to benefit anyone who wants to understand IS management issues from a practitioner perspective. There are four major themes — each based on a topic selected as being critical in IS management. In each, the ideas, issues and strategies are scrutinized by other practising managers. At the end of each themed section, a CIO responds to the ideas presented and discusses his own strategies for managing IS. The four themed sections are: Managing IS
  • Reengineering the corporation — where does IS fit in?
  • Managing IS user conflict
  • Marketing the IS function
Managing the IS organization
  • Re tooling IS — a new vision
  • Reengineering IS
  • Managing the IS infrastructure
  • Human resource management
Managing IS performance
  • Benchmarking IS
  • Improving system development productivity
  • System development tools
  • Oriented object technology
  • Improving testing
Managing the information resource
  • Managing complexity
  • Mining for corporate information
  • Mining legacy systems
  • Preparing for the millennium change
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