Leading at the Speed of Growth Katherine Catlin ; Jana B. Matthews Journey from Entrepreneur to CEO

"The ultimate road guide for current and aspiring high-growth entrepreneurs." -Mark D. Gordon, CEO, Synergy Networks, Inc. For every Bill Gates or Michael Dell, there are hundreds of entrepreneurs who fail to lead their companies from promising start-up to dominant industry player. How do you avoid getting tripped up-and keep your company on the road to success? This book provides the answers. Drawing on the resources of the Kauffman Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership as well as insights from more than 500 successful entrepreneurs, authors Katherine Catlin and Jana Matthews guide you through the three stages of entrepreneurial growth-and explain how you must evolve as a leader at each stage to ensure continuing success:
* Initial Growth, the first stage after Start-up, when you need to change from a Doer and a Decision Maker to a Delegator and Direction Setter
* Rapid Growth, the stage when you strive to become a market leader-and need to change yourself into a Team Builder, a Coach, a Planner, and a Communicator
* Continuous Growth, the stage when you need to explore new avenues for growth-and transform yourself into a Change Catalyst, an Organization Builder, a Strategic Innovator, and the Chief of Culture
Interspersing incisive anecdotes and observations from successful CEOs, Catlin and Matthews show you how to navigate each stage of growth successfully. They identify the "red flags" that indicate that it's time to change your leadership style. They describe the personal changes you need to make and pinpoint the dangers that come with inaction. And they explain in detail what each new leadership role means- and how it will help take your company to the next level. www.hungryminds.com


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