Giving and Stewardship in an Effective Church Kennon L. Callahan A Guide for Every Member

"Two things are true of congregations," writes Kennon Callahan. "Congregations never have enough money. Congregations have all the money they really need for God s mission." With these paradoxical statements, Callahan launches his exploration of Giving and Stewardship in an Effective Church. Drawing on four decades of consulting experience with churches of all denominations, the author of Twelve Keys to an Effective Church provides readers with a motivational and informational account of his twelfth key—how to put a church on solid financial footing. Callahan stresses that money is not the first issue of stewardship. Before a church can be successful in fund raising, it needs a clear sense of mission in the local community. "Money follows mission, not the reverse," he writes. "This is a shorthand way of saying that the stronger the congregation s relational [person centered] characteristics, the easier it is to raise money. The stronger the congregation s mission, visitation [in the community], worship, [significant relational] groupings, leadership, and [participatory] decision making, the stronger the giving." Giving, he says, increases in direct proportion to the strength of the mission. "When you grow the mission, the money will come—and it will be sufficient for the mission." This comprehensive and pragmatic guide to giving and stewardship examines the six sources of giving available to a congregation:
  • spontaneous giving
  • major community worship giving
  • special planned giving
  • short term giving
  • annual giving
  • Anduring giving
And it explores the five major motivational resources that help people give generously:
  • compassion
  • community
  • challenge
  • reasonability
  • commitment
Callahan also shares practical suggestions and wisdom for appl
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