Standing at the Crossroads Marian N. Ruderman ; Patricia J. Ohlott Next Steps for High Achieving Women

As women move into leadership and managerial positions in record numbers, there is an increasing need to understand how they will prioritize and integrate the many new roles and possibilities available to them. Standing at the Crossroads looks at the fundamental pressures that influence the career and personal decisions high achieving women make and identifies strategies for adapting to the many demands that both challenge and enhance their lives. Based on extensive research conducted by the Center for Creative Leadership (CCLâ) in conjunction with participants in The Women s Leadership Program, the book provides a basis for understanding the many choices, tradeoffs, and decisions that face women daily. Showcasing many personal stories, it spotlights the five key themes that are essential to guiding executive women s development today the need to act authentically, make connections, control one s destiny, achieve wholeness, and gain self clarity.

While each theme can stand alone, the authors show how the five blend together to create a pattern that is unique and dynamic for each individual woman. Each chapter in the first part of the book explains why a particular theme matters, what it looks like, how to develop it, the obstacles to achieving it, and a short "thumbnail" that summarizes, in easy to use form, the major areas for the reader to develop. The second part of the book illuminates how both the individual reader and the organization can apply an understanding of the themes to enhance their mutual effectiveness. Finally, the book offers a reference list of valuable source texts and other literature related to these topics.


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