Right Projects Done Right Paul C. Dinsmore ; Terence J. Cooke-Davies From Business Strategy to Successful Project Implementation

Paul Dinsmore and Terence Cooke Davies, two of the foremost authorities on project management, combine their expertise to explain a groundbreaking approach for creating a successful project based enterprise.

The Right Projects Done Right! reflects the advances that have been made since the concern for managing multiple projects in organizations first emerged more than a decade ago. This book includes findings and solutions that address three vital questions: Has the right portfolio of projects been chosen to ensure that company strategy is implemented successfully? Have the right projects with the right scope been selected as candidates for the portfolio? Are the projects managed well? Dinsmore and Cooke Davies provide managers with the information they need to implement an enterprise wide project management environment.

Step by step, the book shows how to create the right combination of projects so that the strategy and desired results of the organization are substantially boosted. The Right Projects Done Right! will help managers implement a "projectized" mentality in their organization so that projects become a natural way of working and doing business. And the authors highlight the dynamic interactions between multiple projects and multiple levels of hierarchy that will help ensure success for any organization.

The Right Projects Done Right! is filled with illustrative case studies from such industry leaders as Eli Lilly, Hewlett Packard, Ericsson, Abbey, and Project Corps. The book includes informative surveys, discussions of variations between industries, and suggestions for overcoming frequently encountered roadblocks.


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