Strategic Planning For Success Roger Kaufman ; Hugh Oakley-Browne ; Ryan Watkins ; Doug Leigh Aligning People, Performance, and Payoffs

We depend on organizations airlines, drug manufacturers, supermarkets, energy suppliers to put our safety, survival, and quality of life as their top purpose. Without this assurance to consumers, these companies would soon go out of business. And by putting the concerns of society first these organizations thrive in the private and public sectors. The question is "How can all organizations be transformed so the needs of the client and ultimately society are at the top of their priority lists?"
Strategic Planning for Success offers you a pragmatic guide to the design and development of practical and pragmatic strategic thinking and organizational alignment that will yield high impact results and measurably add value to you, your organization, your clients, and society. Unlike other books on the topic, this volume goes beyond simply detailing the tools and techniques of design and development by clearly showing how to align what you do with what will be most valuable to all stakeholders. Using this unique approach will yield extraordinary results adding measurable value that flows from individual performance accomplishment to organizational and societal contributions.
Written by the internationally renowned strategic planning experts Roger Kaufman, Hugh Oakley Brown, Ryan Watkins, and Doug Leigh, Strategic Planning for Success is a practical, applications oriented guide that shows how to think strategically and goes on to define what to deliver, to whom, and why. The book focuses on what an organization must do and deliver to have continuing success and is based on practical applications used world wide in both the private and public sectors. Copublished with the International Society for Performance Improvement, this hands on guide is filled with concepts, tools, and practical exercises designed for operational application including:
Guided practice, replete with job aids, checklists, and activities
A CD ROM that features PowerPoint presentations for each chapter, plus additional activities, case studies, and customizable job aids, checklists, and exercises
Guidelines for system (not just systems) thinking, planning, design, development, test, revision, and application3/4not just pieces of organizational or human performance improvement
Useful, pragmatic, and proven tools and concepts, including needs assessment, needs analysis, and costs consequences analysis
Strategic Planning for Success will show you how to define, deliver, develop, and promote genuine performance improvement within your organization.
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