The Boundaryless Organization Ron Ashkenas ; Dave Ulrich ; Todd Jick ; Steve Kerr Breaking the Chains of Organizational Structure

In the words of Jack Welch— the legendary former CEO of General Electric— today s organizations must become "boundaryless" if they are to be successful. In this thoroughly revised and updated edition of The Boundaryless Organization four of the management experts who helped GE create a boundaryless culture explain what it takes to make the boundaryless organization a reality. Drawing on both theory and practice, they show how to break through the four most common types of organizational boundaries hierarchical (or vertical), functional (or horizontal), external, and geographic to achieve the speed, flexibility, integration, and innovation needed to survive and thrive in today s business environment. Using examples from GE, Schwab, GlaxoSmithKline, and other successful companies, the authors demonstrate how the free flow of ideas, resources, and talent in and out of the organization, up and down the hierarchy, and across geographic boundaries can result in outstanding performance.

The Boundaryless Organization reveals how leaders can use four powerful "levers" to foster a shift from "command and control" methods to those that rely more on creating shared mind sets, stretch goals, and empowered colleagues, including:

  • Information encouraging greater access to information across all boundaries
  • Authority giving people at different levels the power to make decisions
  • Competence helping people develop the skills they need to succeed
  • Rewards giving people the incentives to achieve shared organizational goals
With a focus on results, accountability, and tough decision making, this new edition of The Boundaryless Organization shows why, more than ever, being "boundaryless" is an absolute requirement for organizational success in today s economy.

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