The Power to Transform Stephanie Pace Marshall Leadership That Brings Learning and Schooling to Life

"The nature of schooling as we know it has become the unquestioned answer to educating our children. It is not. Knowing what we now know, we can no longer do what we now do. It is time to reconnect our children and our systems to their abundant learning potentials and reengage them in the joy of learning."
—Stephanie Pace Marshall from the Preface

Educational reform is a global conversation. But decades of restructuring schools have not fundamentally transformed our system of schooling or the nature and quality of our children s learning and thinking.

In this important new book, Stephanie Pace Marshall argues that by focusing on reforming the contents of schooling and not transforming the context and conditions of learning, we have created false proxies for learning and eroded the potentially vibrant intellectual life of our schools. Finishing a course and a textbook has come to mean achievement. Listening to a lecture has come to mean understanding. Getting a high score on a standardized test has come to mean proficiency. Credentialing has come to mean competence.

To educate our children wisely requires that we create generative learning communities, by design. Such learning communities have their roots in meaning, not memory; engagement, not transmission; inquiry, not compliance; exploration, not acquisition; personalization, not uniformity; interdependence, not individualism; collaboration, not competition; and trust, not fear.

This book is a passionate and deeply resonant call to reconceive and redesign learning and schooling. It invites a new conversation and offers new language, new design principles, and a new map for creating vibrant, imaginative learning landscapes that integrate the properties of living systems and the principles of learning. It is from this new story that learning and schooling can be brought to life.

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