True Golden Hour Hayim Granot How People Respond in Emergencies

The Red Wind is a novel that penetrates the psyche of the people who geographically inhabit what is currently known as Eriteria in Africa. This is portrayed through the setup of a small village called Zoula, which is built on the ruins of Adouls port, and was established by Batlymos the second in the 3rd BC on the shore of the Red Sea (Alqlzam). The novel, through its various characters, discusses the human interactions and social relationships as well as the worlds of fantasies that represent the lives of the people in the region. Ahmed Sheikh has brilliantly outlined the beginning of what is representative and unique about the Eritrean identity; and how the human dimensions are influenced by religion and politics in this precious South. The Red Wind characters’ are superbly developed through plot of events such as Maymouna who chases her absent dream, Taloul who is coward to break the conventional rules of society and his weak love for Dahab, the mysterious clay pots maker, Khadija, Sheikh Barabkha, Shidly, the sailing captain Hassan, and many more faces that are directed by the stars and horoscope through the predictions of lady Radyah Geis. These events took place in the late 19th century, at a period in the end of the Turkish invasion and the presence of the Egyptian military compound along the South shore and towards the beginning of the Italian colonization when Eritrea was proclaimed as an Italian colony in 1890 AD.
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