Phantom Soldier POOLE, H. John The Enemy's Answer to U.S. Firepower

Phantom Soldier may be the most comprehensive treatise on Oriental warfare ever produced in the West. Well researched and illustrated, it sheds new light on what an Eastern infantry unit can do: (1) alternate between guerrilla, mobile, and positional warfare; (2) use "ordinary forces" to engage and "extraordinary forces" to beat an opponent, and (3) dodge any counterstroke. By identifying pronounced trends in the small-unit technique of every foe since WWI, this book reveals how future adversaries will fight. This will be the first generation of U.S. infantrymen to be told. Just knowing should double their chances of survival. While what occurred in history does not change, one's perception of it does , as he comes to better understand a highly deceptive former adversary. To see what may have occurred at Guadalcanal, Iwo Jima, the Chosin Reservoir, Hue City, and other Vietnam battlefields, one must come to appreciate the "false face" and art of delay. An Oriental unit will tactically withdraw to undermine the opposition?s resolve and save its own soldiers' lives. By revealing how Asian soldiers hold their own without resupply, tanks, or air support, Phantom Soldier shows what U.S. infantrymen must do to survive the more lethal weaponry of the 21st century. This is must-reading for combat leader and concerned citizen alike.


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