Reproductive Biology of Invertebrates ADAMS, T. S. Progress in Reproductive Endocrinology

Reproductive Biology of Invertebrates Volume VIII: Progress in Reproductive Endocrinology Series Edited by K.G. Adiyodi and R.G. Adiyodi Cochin University of Science and Technology, Kochi, India Department of Zoology, Calicut University, India. Volume Edited by T.S. Adams USDA ARS, State University Station, U.S.A. The story of invertebrate gametes — their structure, origin, composition, physiology, and production mechanisms — was told in Volumes I and II; how accessory sex gland secretions facilitate their packaging, storage, survival, and delivery in Volume III; events leading to and following the union of gametes such as insemination, sperm egg interaction, fertilization, development, embryonic nutrition, eclosion, and larval settlement and metamorphosis in Volume IV; different aspects of invertebrate sexology such as patterns of sexuality, sex determination, sexual differentiation and maturation; sexual receptivity and behaviour, and sex changes in Volume V; asexual propagation and regeneration, parthenogenesis, special modes of reproduction such as polyembryony and paedogenesis, fecundity, sterility, breeding cycles, reproductive strategies (life history tactics), and interspecific reproductive isolation in Volume VI. "Progress in Developmental Biology", the seventh volume in the encyclopaedic open ended series, overviews the advances at the cutting edge currently being made in leading laboratories of the world in molecular and other aspects of differentiation and development of selected invertebrate groups. Volume VIII, "Progress in Reproductive Endocrinology", presents and discusses recent published information on regulation of reproduction in representative acoelomates, pseudocoelomates, and schizocoelomates. Other volumes in the series
Volume IOogenesis, Oviposition, and Oosorption
Volume IISpermatogenesis and Sperm Function
Volume IIIAccessory Sex Glands
Volume IVFertilization, Development, and Parental Care (Parts A and B)
Volume VSexual Differentiation and Behaviour
Volume VIAsexual Propagation and Reproductive Strategies
Volume VIIProgress in Developmental Biology
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