Theater of Life Alfred Boeve through my eyes, as i live life

‘Often we only want to achieve more of the same, instead of growing towards something new.’ Welcome in the Theater of Life This book is the description of my personal voyage through life. It is a dynamic report of my quest to find the miracles and secrets of the creation process. I asked myself many questions during my voyage: Who am I? Where am I? What is my purpose of being here? Who took me here and where am I going? What happens in my life and why does it happen? Is there a reason for everything? What is the creation process? What is a dream? What is inspiration? What is life? What is the universe? Maybe there are more universes. What is duality and what is non-duality? Can I influence life? Should I influence life? Is life organized? What is death? Is death an end? What are emotions? What should be my way and how do I know I choose the right direction? What is free will? What is my destination? Is there and end? What is the source of everything? What is consciousness? Is there a God? What is reality, what is an illusion? What is intelligence? What is love? What is peace? Why am I so interested in all of this? How can science, religion or philosophy provide me the answers to my questions? What does my heart tell me? I found the answers to my questions and with that I found myself! I will tell you about my transforming voyage, how I started experiencing the difference between illusion and reality. How I saw different approaches of Creation and how I place them in a perspective that is valuable for your personal development. I want to explain how you, as a human being, as a creature, at any time can enjoy creations of which you are an active part, instead of being led by suffering that you experience at so many moments. ?Theater of Life? is my book’s title. I invite you to experience each step in a critical, inquisitive way and thus take a trip through your own life. From a bird’s perspective and me on the stage, you will witness how I show myself, expose illusions and together we will enter a new reality which is of immeasurable value. This book is a perfect way for me to communicate my life's experience. I put my whole heart into this co-creation. I feel myself touched and fulfilled through the answers I found and I enjoy sharing them with you. I make you a witness of my personal struggles, many beautiful prospects and insights and the peace I found at the end. Theater of Life has become a book full of personal stories, poems and analyses which expose the deeper layers in both a pragmatic and abstract way. Investigate how you can live your life more intensely. Create your own experiences. We are all unique and yet, we are one in life. Each chapter starts with a personal statement and takes you to a next level in the secrets of the creative creation process. You will discover, step by step, a higher consciousness about the process of life and eventually you will be able to discover your full potential. With my best regards, Alfred Boeve


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