The EFQM Excellence Model For Assessing Organizational Performance Chris Hakes a management guide

The EFQM Excellence model
For Assessing Organizational Performance
The EFQM Excellence Model was initially developed as a framework for assessing organizations taking part in the annual 'European Excellence Award'. First introduced in 1992, it has subsequently been widely adopted, to become as the most extensively-used organizational assessment framework in Europe.
Today. most current users have no intention of applying the principles of the model in order to win awards: rather, they use the framework - and the analysis techniques which are to be found in the model - as diagnostic tools:
- To assess the health of their organization
- To identify strengths and areas for improvement
- To periodically measure progress
- To identify and share good management practices
- To anticipate and target desired results in tangible, measurable ways
This Management Guide provides both experienced and novice users alike with the practical techniques needed to undertake timely and effective assessments. Starting with the history of the Model, the book quickly leads on to present a five-step plan for effective assessment.
Step-by-step guidance, together with tried and tested analysis pro-formas. enable readers to facilitate an assessment of an organization against each of the 32 elements ('criterion parts') of the EFQM Excellence Model.
Written by trainer and consultant Chris Hakes, and updated to include lists of good management practices, which users should also consider when analyzing their own organizations performance, this book shows readers how to apply EFQM for better business results.
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