Oral Tradition, a Space for Development David Mota De La Parra

Oral traditions are present in every culture. They can take different forms and through them different voices of a society can be expressed. The oral traditions contain the models that people follow, the collective memory, values and knowledge. They are also a space where people try new behaviors in a safe metaphoric way allowing for change in society. Oral traditions represent a privileged space in the transmission and transformation of cultures. There are many different efforts around the world promoting the revalorization of orality. Implied there is a change; we are now praising the voices that have been silenced or unheard for generations. This book explores the possible role of Oral Tradition in development giving a general review of the topic and then exploring the case of the Nahuas and their kuentos. This work is addressed to people working on the promotion of culture, people in the development sector and in general to people interested in the creation of a society where we listen to one another and the value of diversity is appreciated and recognized.
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