Innovate or Perish Edward P. Kahn

Like it or not, the American business landscape has changed. While factors such as the rise in outsourcing, the impact of the Internet, and the convergence in communications have caused a wake-up call in the way American business designs and builds new products and services, U.S. companies still face a loss of competitive edge because of declining American dominance in scientific and technological brainpower. Going directly to the heart of why large companies fail to sustain innovation, Innovate or Perish offers practical, realistic solutions to this negative trend and confronts readers with the reality that the decision to survive or thrive lies in how corporate boardrooms view innovation and the largely invisible, yet massively influential, intangible economy.

Edited by Edward Kahn, this seminal book includes contributions from seasoned intellectual property (IP) professionals—including Ed Walsh, Karl Jorda, Wayne Jaeschke, Abha Divine, and Damon Matteo—offering expert advice based on their diverse experiences working with companies such as Boeing, Dow, DuPont, Xerox, PARC, Hewlett-Packard, Pitney Bowes, Ciba-Geigy, and more.

Highly readable and clearly written, Innovate or Perish helps readers unleash the innovative potential of their company's ideas with thought-provoking discussion and strategies on: <>

  • Why the global marketplace is here to stay
  • What they must do to survive and thrive in the global marketplace
  • How to build and integrate IP management into a company's long-term strategic plan
  • How to maximize business value from intellectual property
  • The best practices for strategic IP management
  • Essential reading for IP managers and corporate executives, Innovate or Perish is a new road map equipping readers with the principles and tools needed for their companies to compete in this emerging creativity economy.

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