Traditional Thai Yoga Enrico Corsi ; Elena Fanfani The Postures and Healing Practices of Ruesri DAT Ton

EXERCISE / HEALTHTraditional Thai yoga--or Ruesri Dat Ton--is an individual yoga practice rooted in the ancient Ayurvedic tradition. It consists of exercises that--like the partnered practice of traditional Thai massage--originated with Buddha's own physician, Jivaka Kumarabhaccha. Enrico Corsi and Elena Fanfani present, for the first time in English, 60 of these postures fully illustrated with step-by-step instructions. Each posture is designed to stimulate self-healing by rebalancing the flow of energy in the body.Each of the postures works within the sen energy system that underlies Thai medicine. Fundamental to the practice is the retention of breath once the body has assumed the desired posture. The practitioner concentrates the breath on the place where the body is storing tension or dysfunction. When the breath is exhaled the body also expels the negative energy, allowing restorative energy to take its place.The simple yet highly effective postures in Traditional Thai Yoga address many common ailments--including physical ailments of the back, knees, shoulders, hips, arms, feet, and neck and more generalized ailments such as nausea and shortness of breath. As a whole, the exercises promote weight loss and improve flexibility, muscle tone, and circulation, providing an overall sense of balanced well-being.ENRICO CORSI and ELENA FANFANI received their degrees in traditional Thai massage from the Wat Pho temple in Bangkok, Thailand. Enrico is the founder of the Accademia di Massaggio Tradizionale Thailandese in Milan, Italy, and travels to Thailand at least once a year to pursue advanced studies in traditional Thai healing arts. Elena also visits Thailand frequently to study Thai medicine and Thai herbalism, with a special emphasis on healing for women and children. Both authors live in Milan, Italy.
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