Assessment GOLDSTEIN, Harvey Problems, Developments and Statistical Issues

Assessment: Problems, Developments and Statistical Issues Edited by Harvey Goldstein and Toby Lewis Assessment can be used for job appraisal, performance evaluation, professional certification and examining students. The book reviews the wider social and educational implications of different assessment procedures. The statistical and non statistical properties of assessment are addressed: chapters discuss whether assessment is objective measurement or subjective judgement and what the aims of assessment are, whether for diagnosis and feedback, for certification or for institutional accountability. Experts from various areas of assessment have contributed chapters covering bias, comparison of institutions, statistical analysis of institution based assessments, integrity of public examinations, standards in examinations, errors in grading, moderation procedures, assessment in the workplace, vocational assessment, international comparisons, the history of assessment, the influence of assessment on learning, and the educational testing industry. The intended audience is international, and includes teachers, educationists, policy makers and personnel managers. Cover photograph: © Chris Donaghue: The Oxford Photo Library Contents Preface List of Contributors Biographies of Contributors
  1. The Scope of Assessment Harvey Goldstein and Toby Lewis
  2. Assessment: Some Historical Perspectives Gillian Sutherland
  3. Assessment and Learning: Power or Partnership? Patricia Broadfoot
  4. Statistical and Psychometric Models for Assessment Harvey Goldstein
  5. Defining, Setting and Maintaining Standards in Curriculum embedded Examinations: Judgemental and Statistical Approaches Michael J. Cresswell
  6. Group Differences and Bias in Assessment Harvey Goldstein
  7. Moderation Procedures and the Maintenance of Assessment Standards Toby Lewis
  8. Errors in Grading and Forensic Issues in Higher Education David B. McLay
  9. The Use of Assessment to Compare Institutions John Gray
  10. The Statistical Analysis of Institution based Data Geoffrey Woodhouse and Harvey Goldstein
  11. The Extent and Growth of Educational Testing in the United States: 1956–1994 George F. Madaus and Anastasia E. Raczek
  12. The Integrity of Public Examinations in Developing Countries Vincent Greaney and Thomas Kellaghan
  13. Large scale Assessment Programmes in Different Countries and International Comparisons Leslie D. McLean
  14. Vocational Assessment Alison Wolf
  15. Assessment in the Workplace Roderic Vincent
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