The Story of Electrical and Magnetic Measurements Joseph F. Keithley From 500 BC to the 1940s

"Joseph F. Keithley, a modern pioneer of instrumentation, brings you a fascinating history of electrical measurement from the ancient Greeks to the inventors of the early twentieth century. Written in a direct and fluent style, the book illuminates the lives of the most significant inventors in the field, including George Simon Ohm, Andre Marie Ampere, and Jean Baptiste Fourier. Chapter by chapter, meet the inventors in their youth and discover the origins of their lifelong pursuits of electrical measurement. Not only will you find highlights of important technological contributions, you will also learn about the tribulations and excitement that accompany the discoveries of these early masters. Included are nearly 100 rare photographs from museums around the world. THE STORY OF ELECTRICAL AND MAGNETIC MEASUREMENTS is a ""must read"" for students and practitioners of physics, electrical engineering, and instrumentation and metrology who want to understand the history behind modern day instruments." Sponsored by: IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society
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