The Goldwatcher KATZ, John Demystifying Gold Investing

In this remarkably clear and accessible book, authors John Katz and Frank Holmes explain everything the independent investor needs to know in order to invest like a professional.

Presented in two parts, Part I demystifies the gold price by tracing its history and placing it in the current context of twenty first century economic realities, explaining when to buy gold and when gold prices do or don t make sense. As an unbiased independent analyst John Katz is neither a gold bull nor a bear rather, he offers an insightful analysis of gold s role in an evolving global economy. In doing that, he pulls together and sometimes pulls apart the arguments and assessments of leading commentators from money management, investment banking, academia, and the financial media.

Part II gives the reader a rare glimpse into the intricate workings of a leading gold investor. Frank Holmes is one of the world s most authoritative voices on the yellow metal, and an award winning fund manager. By opening a window into his company, U.S. Global Investors, Holmes provides an insider s vantage point to examine the many opportunities and challenges facing gold investors. Some of the nuggets from Holmes include:

  • Here comes China both as a gold consumer and gold producer
  • Watch oil and the dollar to understand gold as an investment
  • Bullion as a value investment and gold equities as a growth investment
  • Return on capital as the best yardstick to use when measuring a gold mining stock
  • Think of gold as portfolio insurance, not as a way to get rich
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