Market Unbound Lowell Bryan ; Diana Farrell

The profit opportunities available today in the global capital markets are so large, and the capital seeking those opportunities is so vast and so highly mobile, that we are entering into an entirely new era of capitalism. The process of globalization has been going on gradually for decades, but the world s capital markets have now reached critical mass. They are poised to fuse into a single global capital market, and we are about to enter into an era of explosive growth as a result. Market Unbound is the first book to provide a dynamic blueprint of this challenging new global market. Authors Lowell Bryan and Diana Farrell of McKinsey & Company, Inc., explore the enormous effect this revolution will have on governments, corporations, and individual investors. Although the global economy has already undergone major and irreversible change, the transformations yet to come promise the most significant economic developments since the Industrial Revolution. In the uncertain future, one thing is clear: the global capital market is increasingly dictating the actions and policies of governments, as opposed to governments dictating the actions and policies of the market. There is, without question, the promise of great prosperity, as rapid growth takes hold in both the developed and underdeveloped world. However, there is also potential for disaster if economic evolution breeds turmoil and social unrest, as companies and nations either succumb or succeed in the new global marketplace. Based on extensive research conducted by McKinsey & Company, Inc., the world s premier consulting firm Market Unbound: Explores and defines the dynamic impact the converging markets will have on every sector of society Examines how the foreign exchange and bond markets are integrating to the point where they are fundamentally acting as one Explains how to seek profit and avoid loss in the impending economic climate Reveals how a government s ability to exercise control over its own financial system is being undermined by the global capital market As the global capital market continues to mature, those who adapt to new rules will find the opportunity for tremendous gain; those who don t face catastrophic loss. This invaluable book is must reading for every investor, economist, banker, policymaker, and international businessperson.


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