Clean Code MARTIN, Robert A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship

Anyone with a modicum of industry experience knows that there is an awful lotof bad code out there. It's not that it's just unsightly. Code that is not clean canquite easily move beyond being a functional problem to becoming an expensiveorganizational issue that has to be dealt with immediately.There are no shortage of suggestions and methods for cleaning up your codeafter it has been written, but in this new book, Robert C. Martin espousesnipping these potential problems in the bud by cleaning on the fly, rather thandoing it in segments or waiting until the end of a project. The book is a tutorialand reference that will teach the reader to conceive and write cleaner codethrough a multitude of proven examples.This book shows the PROCESS of cleaning code. Rather than just illustratingthe end result, or just the starting and ending state, Martin shows how severaldozen seemingly small code changes can positively impact the performance andmaintainability of an application's code base. It will also explain why each ofthose changes was made. In the end the book will boil all these changes downinto a suite of heuristics and principles that will guide the reader in his owncode cleanups.
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