Everyone is adDesigner in the age of social media Mieke Gerritzen ; Geert Lovink

In 2001 BIS published the first Everyone is a Designer, Manifest for the Design Economy and reprinted it several times. Now this little bestseller of the beginning of this millennium is out of print for several years. The editors Mieke Gerritzen en Geert Lovink now revisit the subject based on the assumption that since 2001 the proposal of the democratization of the design world has become reality in 2010.
This completely new version of the book will look at the position of design itself in the ever expanding areas it finds itself in. The growth of design schools seems unstoppable. The designers born after 1980 have a total different view on visual culture, on esthetical products, visions and history than the people born before the eighties. The (communication) esthetics are in constant temporary state, design became a dynamic and unstable area.
All these developments poses new questions on the status of the designer and its trade. With visual contributions, quotes and short essays from dozens of international designers, thinkers, critics and strategists this new booklet present a new Manifest for the design economy of 2010 and beyond.
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