Business Processes OULD, Martyn A. Modelling and Analysis for Re-Engineering and Improvement

Business Processes Modelling and Analysis for Re engineering and Improvement Martyn A. Ould Business processes are inherent in every organisation. Each of these processes involves activity people or machines do things; each is about groups working collaboratively together; and each process has a goal it is intended to achieve something. This book is concerned with being able to picture a process through a process model. A model requires a language as a basis for analysis. This is where STRIM comes in. It has been developed and refined through practice to bring about understanding of, and improvement to, the processes which drive a business towards its goals. Where will modelling business processes be most useful?
where there is a need for a shared understanding of what the business does
where a common approach is being adopted through Quality Management Systems (QMS)
incremental improvement programmes under the banner of Total Quality Management (TQM)
radical change initiatives such as those using Business Process Re engineering (BPR)
where there is a question over the alignment of information technology (IT) and business needs
where new process technologies such as workflow management systems and workgroup computing systems are to be applied
Central to STRIM is the notion of collaboration. Through its focus on roles, STRIM provides the ideal tool for examining the relationship between the process and the organisation in a way not found in other methods. Those responsible for, or who have influence over, change policy will benefit enormously by using this book. For Quality managers, IT managers, process consultants, change managers and all members of "Process Improvement Groups", this will prove to be a vital tool for the successful implementation of process improvement.
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