The Australian Shepherd PALIKA, Liz Champion of Versatility

The Australian Shepherd is an intelligent, athletic, human-oriented dog highly desired for its versatility. The growing ranks of Aussie enthusiasts admire the breed for its remarkable ability to learn and excel at a wide range of canine sports –from obedience and herding to the rapidly growing sport of agility.

Written by well-known and active Australian Shepherd expert and fancier Liz Palika, The Australian Shepherd: Champion of Versatility celebrates the breed, offering the owner or potential owner a comprehensive, authoritative reference for caring for and training an Aussie. The second edition of this award-winning book features more than 65 photos and illustrations, as well as new appendices that cover such timely topics as active dog first aid, conformation competition, Aussies in freestyle, frisbee and flyball, and obedience, tracking and therapy dog titles.

As charming as the breed is, an Aussie is not for everyone. This book will help you decide if this is the right dog for you and, if so, how to choose an appropriate puppy. Writing in clear, accessible language, Palika guides you through every step, from bringing your Aussie home and feeding her to managing her health and beginning her training. You'll discover the herding heritage of the Australian Shepherd and learn about the basics and responsibilities of breeding. Palika demonstrates how well-suited Aussies are for competition, covering agility, obedience, and conformation–her love for the breed shining through on every page. With active dogs occasionally come injuries, so Palika offers vital advice on putting together an emergency first-aid kit and procedures for specific accidents and injuries, including what to do if your dog is overheated or stung by an insect.

Considered a must-have by Australian Shepherd fanciers, The Australian Shepherd: Champion of Versatility is updated with everything a wise owner of a working or performance Aussie needs to know to fully enjoy the wonders of the breed.


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