Midnight Lunch Sarah Miller Caldicott The 4 Phases of Team Collaboration Success from Thomas Edison's Lab

Thomas Edison created multibillion-dollar industries that still exist today. What many people don't realize is that his innovations weregenerated through the power of collaboration. Edison's collaborative approach propelled him to generate a record-breaking 1,093 US patents and 1,293 international patents over 62 consecutive years. Authored by Edison's great-grandniece, Midnight Lunch provides an intriguing look at how you can use Edison's collaboration methods to strengthen face-to-face and virtual teams today. Leaders need to know how to design teams for maximum innovation impact, "rewire" their organizational culture to create growth, and hire collaborative employees that will thrive in an innovation-driven enviroment. Midnight Lunch outlines Edison's four phases of collaboration success, and demonstrates how different combinations of live and digital resources can deliver outstanding ROI. Through action steps that yield high-impact results, Midnight Lunch shows how to: Build a team from diverse disciplines, ensuring multiple perspectives, rapid problem-solving, and a foundation for collaboration to thrive Mix specialists and generalists on the same team, preventing groupthink and discouraging a culture of "superstars" Encourage dialogue and experimentation Craft physical space that supportstrue collaboration Focus your team's attention on progress and small wins Reskill team members for collaboration success in the digital era Footprint your team's work, generating collective intelligence others can follow In the coming decade, organizationsmust make true collaboration a priority ifthey want to remain nimble in the face of constantly shifting economic forces. Midnight Lunch brings Edison's legacy into the twenty-first century, offering us an imperative to embrace our collaborative spirit and achieve astonishing results.
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