The Ascent of a Leader THRALL, Bill ; McNicol, Bruce ; McElrath, Ken How Ordinary Relationships Develop Extraordinary Character and Influence

Are you the kind of leader that others want to follow? Climbing the corporate, political, or organizational ladder is a driving passion for many of us. But too often during our ascent, we compromise our character to reach a performance goal, forgetting that lasting, positive influence depAnds on the kind of person we become, not simply on the titles, power, or wealth we ve achieved. While many leaders work hard to develop performance based skills, relatively few are intentional about developing character. In fact, many simply do not know how.Solidly based on spiritual values, The Ascent of a Leader presents a process for developing character and influence in the context of community amid the kind of relationships and environment where character wins out, even in the face of setbacks and against the temptations to take shortcuts. Character is crucial, the authors assert, because it "empowers our capacities while keeping them in check. It makes the difference between those who abuse power and those who steward it well. It weaves values like integrity, honesty, and selfless service into the fabric of our lives, organizations, and cultures."Written for ordinary people who want to develop extraordinary character and influence, this practical, visionary, and hope filled book guides us up the "long ladder" to significance, as contrasted to the "short ladder" that most of us know. On the short ladder, we develop skills and abilities. But on the long ladder, success depAnds on character growth, nurtured in a community where people find fulfillment. If you want to find and follow God s plan for your life and lead others where they need to go, this book offers engaging real life examples to show you how. You can grow into your true potential, becoming one of the leaders inspired to "make a difference in the twenty first century in our families, our communities, our companies, our government, and even our world." It s time to create a legacy that will last. Embrace th


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