The Influence Game VANCE, Stephanie 50 Insider Tactics from the Washington D.C., Lobbying World That Will Get You to Yes

Get what you want, every time!

Imagine a world where you are offered every job you seek; every business venture you undertake is successful; and every potential customer you approach buys your product. Now imagine that all of this can be achieved—ethically and honestly. All you need is the help of one battle-tested guide, The Influence Game.

Former Washington, D.C., lobbyist Stephanie Vance dispenses everything she's learned about effective (and, believe it or not, honest) persuasion. Learn how to apply this power to any situation by using D.C.-insider influence along with a step-by-step, easy-to-understand process for success. The selling of ideas requires a subtle and psychological approach in order to convince others that you have the best solution to a perceived problem. Learn how to employ the principles of influence to get what you want, for yourself or your clients.

The Influence Game shares 50 forthright tactics that have successfully moved America's notoriously inert Congress to action. This book will help you better understand proven strategies that will get you to "yes," including how to:

  • Develop and articulate effective goals

  • Structure both long- and short-term persuasion efforts

  • Cultivate the right people to help make your case

  • Find the information and expertise you'll need

  • Craft those important personal stories and winning messages

  • Use tenacity and persistence to persuade, not annoy

Stephanie Vance has seen the influence game from every angle. Follow her lead to get past being heard to the real goal of being told "yes."

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