The Eleventh Commandment VANDERMERWE, Sandra Transforming to "Own" Customers

Only an alternative logic, and a new set of tools and terms can take corporations from where they are to where they need to be. They have to keep moving and constantly renew themselves. The customer message isn t new but the questions and methods for achieving success have changed dramatically. Firstly, customers don t know what they want; part of the challenge is to find out so that you can respond to existing markets and, crucially, so that you can create and lead emerging markets and those you can only now imagine. Secondly, customers are undergoing major change. There is no definitive formula to meet fixed and predictable needs. It s like "being on the move with everyone else also on the move". To break the existing paradigm and become a "new" corporation needs the opening and changing of minds, replacing old notions and reflecting the new world with frameworks which are exciting, relevant and achievable. The Eleventh Commandment: Transforming to " Omu" Customers navigates around the obvious and the not so obvious, taking us through what we know and what we don t know and what we are just beginning to dare to think about and try. "Sandra Vandermerwe is a gifted communicator. She identifies the major challenges facing company management today. One by one she takes them on and wrestles them to the ground. This book is a tour de force a summary of all she has learned in her wonderful years of learning at IMD. ." Bernard Taylor, Henley Management College, Oxfordshire, UK. "In The Eleventh Commandment, Sandra Vandermerwe has taken us beyond customer segmentation and through the gateway into a world of customer individualization based on an in depth understanding of what customers do and will do and not just who they are. If there is a Twelfth Commandment it is to read this book." Anthony Travis, Partner, Price Waterhouse, Geneva, Switzerland.
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