The Sentinel CEO William G. Parrett Perspectives on Security, Risk, and Leadership in a Post-9/11 World

The Sentinel CEO
Perspectives on Security, Risk, and Leadership in a Post-9/11 World

Terrorism is hardly a contemporary phenomenon. But it is ever present today, and its manifestations more diverse than ever before. U.S. companies conducting business abroad have an obligation to their stakeholders to be more attuned to local customs and standards if they expect to be effective-and to mitigate risk-in the global business arena. The Sentinel CEO shares the insights of various CEOs on changes they have adopted to sustain their leadership while providing security to their employees and companies in?turbulent times.

For many corporations, a new and increased focus on security has become an indisputable necessity in order to compete globally. Day-to-day operations now incorporate more security personnel, more frequent communication with employees, and more?security briefings for people traveling abroad. In this candid book, author William Parrett-CEO of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu-draws on interviews with America's leading CEOs, security experts, public officials, and academics to explore the subtle and profound ways American businesses have changed since 9/11, with special attention to issues of risk in a global environment.

Underscoring how core values can help companies address and recover from unforeseen threats, The Sentinel CEO examines a variety of risks facing business of all sizes that operate in a global environment, including the implications of China and India's increasing economic might, growing anti-American sentiments abroad, pandemics such as the avian flu, and the impact of tougher immigration laws on the talent pool in the United States.

Examining our post-9/11 world from the perspective of senior executives, William Parrett delves deep within today's leading corporations to discover:

  • The kinds of new?strategic decisions they are making

  • Who they are relying on to identify threats, assess security, and protect their company's human and physical assets

  • What their take is on the new challenges the global war on terror is creating for today's business leaders

  • If U.S. business can continue to prosper?abroad against the backdrop of highly confrontational foreign policy

  • Whether U.S.?business leadership is sustainable, given immigration and education concerns, or if China and India will take the lead

Rich with personal insights, The Sentinel CEO helps today's corporate executives anticipate and confront unexpected risks so they can remain leaders in the global market.

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