The Power of Portfolios Elizabeth A. Herbert What Children Can Teach Us About Learning and Assessment

How should a student s learning be measured and assessed? Standardized tests show "Which child knows more?" whereas student portfolios can show "What does each child know?" In The Power of Portfolios, Elizabeth A. Hebert offers a practical and imaginative approach for using portfolios with elementary level students and shows how the portfolio process can serve as a powerful motivational tool by encouraging students to assess their own work, set goals, and take responsibility for future learning. Throughout the book Hebert relates stories that illuminate the lessons learned by the students, teachers, and principal from a school that has used portfolios for more than a decade. Rather than prescribing what the portfolio should contain and how it should be assessed, she offers practical guidance, including classroom exercises, for making the portfolio experience a success for the students, the teachers, and the school as a whole. "Provides vivid examples of the ways in which children can become the curators of their own work, thus not only advancing their own learning but helping teachers and parents understand better what they have learned. It s a fine contribution and one that I highly recommend." —Elliot W. Eisner, Lee Jacks Professor of Education and Professor of Art, Stanford University "At last, a book about portfolios that goes beyond the buzzwords. Drawing on fifteen years of `hands on experience, Beth Hebert vividly conveys the educational dividends of a genuine portfolio culture." —Howard Gardner, Hobbs Professor of Cognition and Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education "A practical and inspiring look at how portfolios can help us understand and assess a child s learning. Perfect for use as a faculty book study." —Thomas J. Sergiovanni, Lillian Radford Professor of Education, Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas The Author Elizabeth A. Hebert is the principal of Crow Island School in Winnetka, Illinois. She has lectured and written extensively on the topics of student portfolios, school architecture, inclusion of special needs children in the classroom, and school leadership.
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