Dead Heat Joel C. Rosenberg

From the author who predicted . . .
A kamikaze attack on the U.S.
A war with Saddam
The death of Yasser Arafat
Iran's nuclear threat against Israel

Joel C. Rosenberg's "New York Times" best-selling novels have an uncanny way of coming true.

The first page of his first thriller, "The Last Jihad," put readers inside the cockpit of a hijacked jet, coming in on a kamikaze attack into an American city . . . but it was written nine months "before" September 11, 2001. As "Jihad" unfolds, an American president finds himself at war with Saddam Hussein over terrorism and weapons of mass destruction . . . but it was published five months "before" the actual war with Iraq began.

Rosenberg's second novel, "The Last Days," opens with an attack on a U.S. diplomatic convoy heading into Gaza, the death of Yasser Arafat, and radical Islamic terrorists trying to seize the West Bank and Gaza. Two weeks before it was published, a U.S. diplomatic convoy was attacked in Gaza. . . . thirteen months later, Yasser Arafat was dead. . . . and then Hamas seized control of Gaza.

In "The Ezekiel Option," a dictator rises to power in Russia, an Iranian leader vows to annihilate Israel, and Russia and Iran form an unprecedented military alliance. Then, on the very day the novel came out, Iran elected a new president who vowed to accelerate his country's nuclear program. Four months later, he vowed to "wipe Israel off the map," and then Russia agreed to sell Iran $1 billion worth of high-tech weapons.

In "The Copper Scroll," an ancient scroll describes unimaginable treasures worth untold billions buried in the hills east of Jerusalem and under the Holy City itself-treasuresthat could come from the Second Temple and whose discovery could lead to the building of the Third Temple and a war of biblical proportions. . . . One month after Rosenberg's fourth novel was released, "Biblical Archeology Review" published a story describing the real-life, intensified hunt for the treasures of the actual Copper Scroll.

In "Dead Heat"-"the final novel of the series"-readers will be left breathless as Rosenberg embarks on his most exciting and heart-pounding ride yet, a political thriller that will leave you wondering . . . "Could it happen?. . . . Can we stop it?"


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