Conducting a Successful Development Services Program Kent E. Dove ; Vicky L. Martin ; Kathy K. Wilson ; Mary M. Bonk

With the publication of Conducting a Successful Capital Campaign, Kent E. Dove introduced the definitive guide to every aspect of a capital campaign. Drawing on the same fundamental principles that form the core of any successful development program, Dove now applies his proven techniques to the full spectrum of fundraising. Conducting a Successful Development Services Program the fourth volume of the comprehensive Dove on Fundraising Series handbooks offers the most complete guidance on creating, implementing, and sustaining a fundraising program that is fully supported by a professional development services program.

Nonprofits behind the scenes fundraising functions information systems, development technologies, research, managing prospects, and stewardship not only support their organizations overall development efforts but also are key to their long term success. Conducting a Successful Development Services Program, a first of its kind resource, draws together in one book a tremendous body of knowledge of these functions to planning and managing an innovative and effective development services program. Using Conducting a Successful Development Services Program as a guide, nonprofits will be able take a holistic approach to the process of identifying, researching, and managing prospects; creating, storing, and using data and information; and, properly administering gifts and showing appreciation to donors. Conducting a Successful Development Services Program also includes an extensive resource section filled with a wealth of examples from real life organizations.

"This is a must have book for every nonprofit organization in America. For the first time, small and mid sized nonprofits as well as the larger ones have an all in one resource that will enable them to handle donors and gifts in ways that ensure both donor satisfaction and the growing body of rules and regulations that govern all nonprofits."
— M. Scott Mitte, executive director, The Roy F. and Joann Cole Mittee Foundation

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