Guide to Effective Staff Development in Health Care Organizations Patrice L. Spath A Systems Approach to Successful Training

To stay on top in today s highly competitive health care environment, organizations must be able to attract and retain quality staff. These institutions can maintain quality and consistency by strengthening their internal staff training and development programs.
In Guide to Effective Staff Development in Health Care Organizations, Patrice L. Spath— a national authority on health care training— and a stellar panel of health care experts offer hospital administrators and managers a variety of techniques that they can implement to provide cost efficient staff orientation, training, and continuing education. This book acts as a field guide for health care executives who must make informed decisions about which staff trainings and education strategies are best for their organizations. A comprehensive resource for health care executives, Guide to Effective Staff Development in Health Care Organizations
  • Shows how to establish educational and training priorities
  • Offers a model for integrating all facets of staff education and performance evaluation
  • Summarizes the most significant health care training issues
  • Includes information and tips on selecting training methods
  • Presents adult learning strategies
  • Offers strategies for measuring the value of training
  • Outlines the critical components of an effective training program
  • Contains illustrative case studies of effective training initiatives
Guide to Effective Staff Development in Health Care Organizations can help health care leaders determine the best course to take when selecting and implementing staff education programs that will transform their organizations into vital learning organizations.
Contributors include
Diane Boynton
Gloryanne Bryant
James B. Conway
Christina Dempsey
Anthony J. DiBella
Claire R. Dixon Lee
Kathleen J. Heery
Connie E. Kuykendall
Mary Carole McMann
Brenda I. Mygrant
Pamela E. Paustian
Rebecca Petersen
Donald C. Sibery
Donna J. Slovensky
Patrice L. Spath
Alice T. Speers


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