The Source of Success Peter Georgescu ; David Dorsey Five Enduring Principles at the Heart of Real Leadership

Dramatic change has swept the business world inÊrecent years, rendering standard paradigms ofÊleadership obsolete.

In The Source of Success, Peter Georgescu, formerÊCEO of the world-renowned advertising agency Young & Rubicam, reveals the nature of the new economic world, and shows what it takes to win in this intensely competitive arena. Georgescu presents a new standard of leadership that focuses on the key source of value in today's corporation: the relationship between the informed customer and the creative employee—a relationship, he shows, that must be built with honesty and integrity. Georgescu's vision rests on five crucial principles, which together can unleash a tremendous untapped reservoir of energy within our organizations, and within ourÊselves:

  • Creative capacity and the brand integrity that grows from it are an organization's most important assets.
  • Enlightened leaders inspire creativity through understanding, cooperation, and respect.
  • Competence and execution are as important as ever, but they must be aimed at building intimacy with the customer.
  • Alignment is the critical concept for theÊtwenty-first-century organization.
  • Great companies don't happen without leaders who have transformed themselves.

Rich on many levels, the book is filled with stories taken from the author's experience—his early life experiences growing up in communist Romania and his professional career working with the most powerful companies and brands in the world.

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