Japan in Transformation, 1945-2010 Jeff Kingston

Kingston "Japan"" in Transformation1945-2010"

Since 1945, Japan has successfully reinvented itself, rising from the ashes of defeat to become a peaceful and prosperous nation. It is seen as an inspiration for other developing nations and contributes significantly to global development. As the third largest economy in the world, with a reputation for technological innovation and cultural creativity, Japan is a country shaping the world we live in.

In this new edition of "Japan in Transformation," Jeffrey Kingston explores the character of the nation as it has evolved since the end of the Second World War. The book:


  • examines the US Occupation and explains the causes of the economic miracle and its demise
  • evaluates the effect of the Lost Decade of the 1990s and the unravelling of the Japan, Inc system that prevailed in the twentieth century
  • analyses such central and topical issues as the demographic crisis, regional relations, security concerns, political change and the role of women
  • Expanded and thoroughly revised to cover the period of 1945 to 2010, this second edition of "Japan in Transformation "provides a succinct and comprehensive study of the recent history of one of the most dynamic nations in the modern world.

    JEFFREY KINGSTON is Director of Asian Studies and Professor of History at Temple University Japan, and has taught in Japan since 1987. He is the author of three other books, including "Japan's Quiet Transformation: Social Change and Civil Society in 21st Century""Japan" and "Contemporary Japan: History, Politics and Social Change Since the 1980s."

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