Creating Regional Wealth in the Innovation Economy Jeff Saperstein ; Daniel Rouach Models, Perspectives, and Best Practices

An exceptional resource for investors, policymakers, and citizens interested in promoting or identifying local entrepreneurship -- anywhere!-- Based on extensive global research and new interviews in the world's leading centers of entrepreneurship.-- How to leverage the regional resources you already have -- and foster the ones you don't.Silicon Valley. Boston. Bangalore. Austin. Ireland. Singapore. Scandinavia. Munich. When it comes to promoting entrepreneurial culture, some places just seem to "get it right": serving as powerful magnets for talent, money, and ideas, and as powerful incubators for tomorrow's best companies. This book draws on extensive new research to pinpoint the key reasons why some locations succeed in the quest to become a technology center, while others fail. Researcher/consultant Jeffrey Saperstein and world-renowned technology management expert Dr. Daniel Rouach answer crucial questions about the world's entrepreneurial hotspots: What makes these locations so special? Which local characteristics are inherent? Which can be fostered? What are the best practices for business and government organizations that want to promote local entrepreneurship and reach critical mass? And what can budding centers of entrepreneurship do in order to enter the game?


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