SHIP LAVERY, B The epic story of maritime adventure

From junks to dhows, clippers to cruise liners, humble riverboats to awesome battlefleets, this is the definitive chronicle of great vessels, legendary journeys, and heroic seafarers.Ever since people took to the water, boats and ships have had a unique influence on our history. Ship unveils the drama, splendor, and excitement of that remarkable story, illustrating centuries of exploration, endeavor and conflict. Ship is a compelling tale of exhilarating adventure, combined with authoritative details. Reference sections throughout the book contain illustrated profiles of key ship types, from ancient galleys to modern battleships, while other features take you right onto and below the decks of a succession of craft — virtual tours of ships such as the "Susan Constant," which carried early European settlers to North America, the ship of the line "HMS Victory," and the nuclear-powered submarine "USS Nautilus," each a shining example of the technology of their age.Ship examines maritime influence on trade, industry, and society, describes nautical milestones, and tells the gripping story of war at sea. Each stage is supported by biographies and vivid eyewitness accounts of the people who were actually there, revealing what life was really like on board.
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