Hawaiian Night Before Christmas MACY, Carolyn Ka Po Ma Mua O Kalikimaka

Paradise is alive in the lush tropical breezes and fragrant plumeria of the Hawaiian Islands. Even here the children ready themselves during the Christmas holiday for the coming of good ol' Saint Nick. Derived from the classic children's poem, this version celebrates the beautiful islands of Hawaii and the traditions of the locals.

The house, or hale as they call it, is made ready for Santa's arrival. Mama, Papa, and the keiki (children) have decorated a coconut tree, set out the lauhala (woven baskets), and left a snack just for Santa (Kanakaloka).

Santa's majestic sea turtles (honu) guide him on his magical Christmas Eve journey on the shimmering shores of this paradise. He is dressed in his finest holiday malo large slippers (kama 'a nui), and leis and is welcomed to the home by Papa and Mama. Santa knows what to leave for each eager child through the whispers of the ornaments on the tree. He places the gifts under the coconut tree, bids farewell to Papa and Mama, and, with the help of the honu, surfs on his way to the next hale.

Pelican's Night Before Christmas Series has taken readers of all ages from Santa's first ride in the swampy magic of James Rice's Cajun Night Before Christmas to various sites and professions throughout the United States. Now the series turns to the tropical paradise of Hawaii in continuation of the celebration of distinct people, places, and traditions.

Carolyn Macy is a retired educator. To ensure that both of her children would learn to have a better understanding of people and places outside of their native Oklahoma, she and her husband traveled each year to a new place. Their goal was to have visited all fifty states by the time the children were grown. The last state they visited was Hawaii and this naturally left a lasting impression on them. They now spend half the year in Oklahoma, where their son resides, and the other half of the year in their adopted home of Hawaii, where their daughter now lives. Macy earned a bachelor of science degree in commercial art and biology, minoring in chemistry, and a master's degree in natural science.

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Afwijkende levertijd: 9 tot 11 Dagen.


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