LEAPS Trading Strategies Marty Kearney Powerful Techniques for Options Trading Success

You are holding the first piece of an innovative trading education program—one that will provide you with an interactive learning experience . At your finger-tips, you have the support of an easy-to-read guide book plus the benefits of an online classroom. This means you will have access to the thoughts, ideas, and strategies of an industry leader at a fraction of the cost of attending lectures or seminars in person. This guide book, full of valuable material like key points, case studies, and glossaries, and its corresponding self-tests, charts, and supplemental materials, can all be found online at TradersLibrary.com/TLEcorner. Video You now have exclusive access to an original, live presentation—the tips and tactics of an industry leader are yours to watch online at TradersLibrary.com/TLEcorner. Supplemental Materials To round out your trading education, color charts, case studies, glossaries, and other supplemental materials are available online at TradersLibrary.com/TLEcorner . Tests The only way to truly absorb what you’ve learned is through testing. Don’t let your new-found knowledge be forgotten; improve your understanding by taking the tests available online at TradersLibrary.com/TLEcorner !
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