Living in a Material World MORRISON, Kevin The Commodity Connection

"It was a great pleasure to read this book which provides an essential background to understanding commodities for anybody interest in understanding them more closely. It is so rare to see all the essential elements brought together in one book."
  Chris Brodie

"Kevin Morrison set out to write a book about the daily relevance that raw materials have for the ordinary consumer. He has achieved his objective par excellence. The subject matter has been comprehensively researched and well documented yet the writer has avoided using Complicated technical language. the style of the book is more in tune with a novel and the main topics are treated with a special sense of humour. I would readily recommend this work to anyone interested in how global energy issues have a direct affect on us all."
Mehdi Varzi

"Living in a Material World: The Commodity Connection is a timely and insightful look at the asset class that will define the 21st century. The book is a clear and informative guide to the fundamentals of energy, metals, and agriculture that explores the broader implications of the interlinked cycle of raw materials, consumerism, and climate. The pages are filled with carefully researched details and real life anecdotes that flow together seamlessly to bring home the tangible relevancy of commodities in our lives. An essential read for both professionals and neophytes."
Kimberly Tara

"An excellent overview of the commodities markets and their effects on modern life. Well researched and provides a clear explanation of the perfect storm that has engulfed the broad spread of commodities in the last decade. Technical details of specific markets are presented in a form easily understood by non professionals and Kevin has included some great war stories from traders."
Martin Stokes

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