Spanish Short Stories For Beginners MOYA, Felipe ; Perez, Leslie 56 Entertaining Short Stories To Refresh Your Spanish

Have you always wished you could carry on simple dialogues in Spanish?
But then it got frustrating because you just couldn't keep up with real-life conversations?
Have you studied with numerous books and methods-only that they're either so difficult you get a headache or so dull and easy they bore you to sleep?
If this sounds like you, we get it-and we have just the thing to solve your problems.
So you want to be conversational in Spanish, but as soon as you start speaking with someone you lose hope: there's just too much you don't know and most of what's said goes over your head.
You're looking for the right book to come to your rescue-not a long and boring read but something that will actually be fun to use, and effective in getting you over the hurdle of actually speaking Spanish.
Look no further: your solution has arrived!
This is the perfect companion book for anyone who wants to learn and become conversational in Spanish-a way for you to learn and be entertained at the same time.
This guide is simple enough for beginners to follow and so entertaining that intermediate learners will enjoy working through it.
In this book, you'll discover:

Just how fun learning Spanish can be, with 56 engaging dialogues and short stories to steadily strengthen your skills (while keeping you thoroughly entertained).

Quick results with practical dialogues that cover a variety of interesting, useful, and even comical everyday topics.

Vocabulary building made fun (and effective!) by learning relevant words and phrases from every story. Key vocabulary is repeated strategically throughout for high retention.

Expertly designed evaluations for an engaging way to check comprehension and retention.

Questions and instructions that are backed by scientific research, varied, and easy for anyone to understand.

A tried-and- proven method to improve three basic language skills: (1) read the stories out loud, (2) complete the written tests, and (3) practice using the dialogues in your speech.

English translations to facilitate ease of use and full comprehension for early learners-including children!

The key to keeping up with real-life conversations and casually chatting in Spanish.

Still wondering if this book is for you? Picture yourself following the method and being able to go out and converse comfortably with Spanish speakers. You have everything to win!

Don't let a lack of familiarity with day-to-day dialogues stop you from being able to carry on en español.

For an entertaining way become conversational in Spanish, simply click "Add to Cart" and start reading.
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